Al Maram is holding an impeccable image in construction market and had completed several projects under odd circumstances.


Below mentioned Projects are currently being executed by Al Maram International Co.


1) Lusail Development Primary Infrastructure CP – 5B

Construction of underpasses (Building, Base, Walls & Deck Slabs)& Backfilling for underpass structures


2) Lusail Expressway P – 003

Excavation & Blinding Concrete for wahda Underpasses


3) Upgrading & Refurbishment of Jamiliyah & North camp Package treatment plants

Complete Civil construction work for Biological tanks including Excavation & Civil structural works


4) Lusail Development Construction Package (CP4) – Road A1, Road A6 & Marine Interchange

Form work & Re bar Installation


Completed Projects


1) Lusail Preliminary Infrastructure Project – Construction Package        1 & 2

Earth Work- Excavation & Backfilling


2) Doha Express Way (Package 7) Salwa Road Phase 2

Earth Work- Excavation, Backfilling and Mass concrete works


3) Hassad Food Grain Bunker Storage Facility at Al – Wukar (Stage – 1 & 2)

Earth work & Construction of Precast boundary wall


4) Doha North Sewerage Treatment Project Interceptor Sewers Civil Project 682/3 (Package A & B)

Earth work


5) Construction of 22 Villas & Associated Works at Al– Ukair

Complete construction of building including Excavation, Reinforced concrete structures and Finishing works


6) Doha North Sewerage Treatment Project Interceptor Sewers Civil Project 682/3 (Package B)

Construction of Twenty Six (26) Chambers & 1 (One) Vortex Chamber and Construction of 31 (Thirty One) Shafts 


7) B + G + M State Mosque At Al Khuwair Granite / Basalt Laying

Fixing of Granite/Basalt Tiles at   External Areas of State Mosque.


8) Design and Construct service road enhancement to North road corridor (P059)

Earth work- Excavation & Equipment Supply


9) Doha North Sewerage Treatment Project Interceptor Sewers Civil Project 682/3 

Earth Work- Excavation & Backfilling